Dr. Lorenz Graf-Vlachy is Professor of Corporate Management at TU Dortmund University and Senior Research Fellow at ESCP Business School's ESCP Research Institute of Management.

Dr. Graf-Vlachy's work has been published in, for example, the Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, the Journal of Management, the Journal of Product Innovation Management, the Journal of World Business, Long Range Planning, and the Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems. His research has received awards from the Academy of Management (AOM), the European Academy of Management (EURAM), the Strategic Management Society (SMS), and the Förderkreis Gründungs-Forschung (FGF). Dr. Graf-Vlachy further won awards for teaching and reviewing. He serves on the editorial boards of Management Review Quarterly and Corporate Governance: An International Review.

Prior to his current appointment, he was a Professor of Strategy at ESCP Business School in Berlin. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Passau. He was also a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University, a Scholar in Residence at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, a Visiting Scholar at Penn State University's Smeal College of Business, a Visiting Associate Research Scholar at Columbia University's Columbia Business School, and an Affiliated Research Fellow at IMD International in Lausanne. He was named a Schoeller Fellow by the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schoeller Research Center for Business and Society. He was a Barger Leadership Institute Visitor at the University of Michigan and gave invited talks at various universities including Tsinghua University, Imperial College London, IIM Bangalore, Rotterdam School of Management, CEIBS, the Stockholm School of Economics, and VU Amsterdam. He taught at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Business and ESMT Berlin and performs executive education programs for leading international companies.

Before his academic career, Dr. Graf-Vlachy was a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Munich, where he supported telecom, high-tech, and industrial goods companies across Europe and Asia on projects related to strategy and organization. He was repeatedly invited to work with the BCG Henderson Institute in New York and was selected for a year-long secondment to serve as an advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva.

He gained additional work experience in Germany, China, and the U.S., holding positions at McKinsey & Company, various IT firms, and a publishing house. He also started a small software company that he sold to a U.S. competitor.

Dr. Graf-Vlachy holds a master's level degree in Information Systems and a doctoral degree from Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) Erlangen-Nuremberg as well as a habilitation from the University of Passau. He also studied in the MBA program of Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and at Tongji University in Shanghai.

He is a member of various academic societies, including the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society, the European Academy of Management, the IEEE (senior member), and the Association for Computing Machinery.


Peer-reviewed articles and archival conference proceedings

  • “Reviews Left and Right: The Link Between Reviewers’ Political Ideology and Online Review Language,” with T. Goyal, Y. Ouardi, & A. König, Business & Information Systems Engineering, forthcoming. DownloadLink
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  • Preventing competitive irrationality: An empirical analysis of factors and strategies influencing managers’ tendency to trade off absolute for relative profit, 2010, Berlin: Logos. Request digital copyLink

Contributions to edited volumes

  • “Künstliche Intelligenz: Strategische Herausforderungen für etablierte Unternehmen,” with J. Wolff, A. Keck, A. König, & J. Menacher, in: R. Obermaier (ed.): Handbuch Industrie 4.0 und Digitale Transformation: Betriebswirtschaftliche, technische und rechtliche Herausforderungen, 505-528, 2019, Wiesbaden: SpringerGabler. Link
  • “Industrie 4.0: Strategische Innovation durch Strategische Sensitivität,” with A. König, in: R. Obermaier (ed.): Industrie 4.0 als unternehmerische Gestaltungsaufgabe, 53-67, 2016, Wiesbaden: SpringerGabler, also reprinted in 2nd edition. Link

Case studies

  • “Shpock: Building the Boot Sale App,” The Case Centre, 2018, Reference no. 818-0002-1. DownloadLink
  • “When Scandal Breaks: The IAF Economic Advisory Board,” The Case Centre, 2017, Reference no. 717-0066-1. DownloadLink
  • “Semson US: Market Entry in New York City,” The Case Centre, 2017, Reference no. 717-0066-1. DownloadLink

Selected practitioner-oriented publications

  • “Preparing for the world after Covid-19: Leadership lessons from crises and discontinuous change,” LSE Business Review, 2021. Link
  • “Everything’s changing – or is it?,” The Coice, 2021. Link
  • “How independent are business spin-offs, really?,” The Conversation, 2020. Link
  • “Transitioning to a post-COVID19 world: Lessons for leaders from crises and discontinuous change,” ESCP Impact Papers, 2020. Download
  • “Gewinnen ist nicht alles: Warum soziale Vergleiche manchmal tückisch sind,” Wirtschaftspsychologie aktuell, 2019. Download
  • Connected World: Hyperconnected Travel and Transportation in Action, with T. Chiesa, P. Sayler, J. Lehtinen, J. Moavenzadeh, A. Mei-Pochtler, N. Lang, M. Rüssmann, J. Riedl, 2104, Geneva: World Economic Forum. Download
  • “Avoiding the Traps of Competitive Irrationality,” with A. Enders, A. König, IMD Tomorrow's Challenges, 2013, reprinted in Business Spectator and The Jakarta Post. Link
  • “Programming Organizations for Performance,” BCG Strategy Gallery, 2013. Link

Scientific software

  • “cv2: Stata module to calculate the coefficient of variation for variables,” Statistical Software Components, 2018. Link (Install by typing "ssc install cv2" in Stata)
  • “ira: Stata module to calculate rwg and related interrater agreement indices,” Statistical Software Components, 2017. Link (Install by typing "ssc install ira" in Stata)
  • “GIFT: Graphical Interface for TRAMO,” with J. Gary & D. Grebasch, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, 2004. Download (Requires prior installation of Java and DOS version of TRAMO)